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Kastner Kommunity is a meeting spot, a café, communal and workspace plus a gallery. A common space for creation, where we welcome creatives from all walks of life who believe in the power of cooperation and the free flow of creative energies.

Kommunity has been created by Kastner ad agency with the intention of pushing the boundaries of the industry, and to take down agency walls – not just figuratively.

Our spaces, services


We took inspiration from Mézes Mackó (Honey Bear, the first café operating here in the 60ies) for our interior but elevated the flavours to match today’s trends.

In the Kommunity coffee grinder we have our own unique light roasted blend that we have concocted with Tamas Bikki, the roast master of Brostery.

Our aim was to create a coffee that is a „middle ground” between a light and dark roast that results in a less acidy flavour while keeping the aromas. We recommend this for fans of Italian and new wave coffees alike – both with or without milk.

The food and snacks selection is also an homage to Honey Bear bistro only to a pleasant extent of nostalgia. Our health-conscious selection also contains vegetarian and vegan options to consider the planet.


Coworking & Community Space

Leave the solitude of home office behind and recharge among peers.

We believe in the added value of our members’ dedication and zest. Be part of the inspiring society of Kommunity where professionalism, humility and dedication are on the forefront.
For solo projects or teamwork, our spaces are equally ideal. On the mezzanine with a day ticket or a monthly pass you get to collect inspiration from the view of the green park and the whole space. Change your perspective.

Be it a brainstorming, creative sprint or a prod meeting, our fresh café selection surely provides the necessary boost for your team.


Day tickets

For any longer than a 2 hour visit, Kommunity can be attended by purchasing a day ticket.
Day ticket (8:00-18:00): 4.350 HUF
Morning ticket (8:00-13.00): 2.990 HUF
Afternoon ticket (13:00-18:00): 2.990 HUF

It contains:
-unlimited stay within its validity
-one free hot drink of your choice
-use of the call box or silent corner
-use of the locker boxes
-high speed (100mbps) internet
-10 pages printing/occasion
The meeting room is available for extra fee. Prices include VAT.



Passes may be purchased on location.

5 occasion pass (half day gratis): 19.500 HUF
10 occasion pass (one day gratis): 39.150 HUF

It contains:
-unlimited stay per occasion
-one free hot drink of your choice per occasion
-use of the call box or silent corner
-use of the locker boxes
-high speed (100mbps) internet
-10 pages printing/occasion

The meeting room is available for extra fee. Prices include VAT.


Trial Pass

Would you like to try how it is to work from us?

Buy a 3-occasion trial pass for a price of one and a half day and you are our guest for a coffee as well!
Ask for the Trial Pass at the counter now for as little as 7.500 HUF (including VAT).

The pre-condition of buying a Trial Pass is registering at as a new co-working member.

Each person can purchase one Trial Pass and only once. Trial pass is valid for 3 months.


Meeting room

Ideal for 8 persons | Space: 17 m2

Equipment: 140cm full-HD led tv, MeetUp video room, Apple TV, light and sound blocking curtains, flipchart, AV, 100mbps wifi, filtered water, office supplies upon request.

Rental fee: 9.000 HUF/hour (incl. VAT)

For 7 hours or more rental is fixed 63.000 HUF (incl. VAT)

If you’d also like catering write us an e-mail and we get back to you with a personalised offer.


Event location

Planning a grande event or photo/video shoot? You can also rent the entire space of Kommunity.

Space: 260 m2

Max capacity: 103 ppl

Inner height: 6m

All access, air conditioned, with street level outdoor seats.

About location rental fees and tailor made catering options get in touch with us.


Get nofitied about our events and offers.